Hold: 5/10

Finish: Medium Shine

Size: 4oz

Formulated with Beeswax, allowing product to glide through the hair without clumping while encouraging moisture retention. Tea Tree Oil breaks down product build-up, which makes it easier to wash out than traditional greases. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT WATER SOLUBLE.


  • Perfect for styling barbershop classics
  • Works well with normal to thick textured hair
  • Controls the curliest, thickest, most unruly hair
  • Great product to cocktail with other Reuzel pomades
  • Traditional apple pomme fragrance with an added twist of peppermint


Mix Pink Pomade Grease or Blue Pomade with Green Pomade Grease and add to the front of the haircut, instantly giving you more hold to your style.

To remove, use these steps:

Step 1. Apply Hair Conditioner to your hair first, leaving it in for a minute to break down the grease. Rinse.

Step 2. Shampoo and Conditioner your hair again as you normally would while spending extra time to shampoo thoroughly.