Hold: 9/10

Finish: Medium Shine

Size: 4oz

Formulated with Beeswax, allowing product to glide through the hair without clumping while encouraging moisture retention. Pink Pomade Grease has a unique formula that provides excellent hold perfect for the thickest and curliest hair. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT WATER SOLUBLE.


  • Great for pompadours, quiffs and contours
  • Perfect for the thickest and curliest hair
  • Controls cowlicks and growth patterns
  • Creates a look that will stay in place all day
  • Classic apple pomme fragrance with a hint of salsa


Remove one to two knuckles of the product from the can and emulsify between the palms. Apply to dry hair, starting in the crown and working toward front. Work scalp to ends and liberally coat hair. Use more Pink Grease over any dry spots if necessary, and finish by combing hair into desired shape.

To remove, use these steps:

Step 1. Apply Hair Conditioner to your hair first, leaving it in for a minute to break down the grease. Rinse.

Step 2. Shampoo and Conditioner your hair again as you normally would while spending extra time to shampoo thoroughly.